Reginald Page is running for Los Alamos County Council.

Regular Voting: November 8, 2022.

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About Reggie

Learn more about Reggie, his background, and why he is running.

Why I Am Running


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Cultivation of new business in Los Alamos, as well as protection of current businesses, is the highest priority. Business in Los Alamos means success for everyone. The Marriott Hotel deal, UnQuarked, and other business problems will be tackled through transparency and getting feedback from county members.

Energy Security

We want Los Alamos to have energy security. Whether through renewable energy or conventional means, having energy access is critical to our community. As a county councilor, I will ensure we make smart decisions through collaboration with experts and community members who bear the consequences of council decisions.

Vets, Fire, Police, Medical, Educators

We will continue to support, and improve support to: our military members, veterans, first responders (fire/police/medical), teachers and their families. We will take care of those who take care of us!


Affordable housing, medical care, various support services for our community such as alcohol and substance abuse counseling will be supported. I will take on the goal of making more medical care available in Los Alamos and White Rock communities!


Why I Am Running

My name is Reggie Page and I am running for Los Alamos County Council. I moved to Los Alamos in 2009 to work at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Like many others, I chose to live in close proximity to the laboratory for convenience and for what Los Alamos had to offer--a small town atmosphere and everything a person needed, without having to leave "the hill".

Such is not the case anymore. Many of the small businesses that were part of a thriving county have closed. Our county council needs to identify strategies that promote small business, not discourage them. If elected, I will work with existing and potential small businesses to promote growth through aggressive incentives and economic development programs. We will look at what business models are working and encourage similar development.

My professional background is in project management, and I have 30+ years of experience in utilities, both at Los Alamos and at other locations. Los Alamos County Council recently approved a plan to eliminate natural gas resources, which, I believe, would place an unbearable financial burden on the residents and businesses of this county. Any plan having such a broad impact on county residents and businesses must include not only a cost estimate, but a cost-benefit analysis and further research of alternatives that are both reliable and affordable.

Dreams and emotions are fine, but must be balanced with common sense.

I believe it is important to note the difference between local political decision making, and how different the issues are from Federal level decision making. Here in Los Alamos, political affiliation doesn't matter, taking care of our neighbors does. That's what I am here to do, take care of this community.

Together, we can turn the PAGE.



Our First Responders:  Our first responders: police, fire and medical, are key to keeping Los Alamos a safe and healthy environment.  I support all of our first responders, and will take on their professional needs to ensure they are successful, and thus Los Alamos is safe and secure.            

Our Educators and School Staff Members:  I support our teachers, and helping attract the best and most talented educators to our community. Education is a cornerstone to keeping our community the fantastic place for families that it is.         

Our Veterans:  Support of our veterans in the community is one of my goals.  Improvement of veteran health care options in Los Alamos is one thing I would like to champion.  Construction of a new veteran memorial site to help the community see the sacrifices our veterans have made is also on my list of things to accomplish.   

Our Environment:  Taking care of our environment is central to all members of the county.  If elected, I will work to ensure that the county itself leads the way in energy conservation and efficiency.  Saving energy across the board with energy efficient lighting, appliances, water fixtures and more can help county infrastructure reduce the overall carbon footprint. Where possible, I would like to encourage home owners to adopt environmentally friendly methods through grants and other subsidies.

Our Businesses:  Building up businesses in Los Alamos is key to keeping a healthy and vibrant community.  I will work to ensure that the county clears the path for any and all entrepreneurs. We cannot afford more lawsuits for unfair business practices, as a councilor I will work to break down barriers, and bridge/mend fences with small businesses in Los Alamos and White Rock.              

Our Medical Providers:  Providing good health care to our county members will be a priority objective. This will not be an easy challenge to solve, but it is something we must tackle because it is essential to everyone in the community. If possible, I would like to see more urgent care and other options for care in both Los Alamos and White Rock. Financial incentives and tax reduction may be the necessary key to helping entice more medical care to our area. I will consult with the experts and develop a collaborative solution, marshalling resources where they are needed most.              

Statement on the Los Alamos County Nuisance Code: There are several of us in this county that can’t afford to have a mechanic shop change our oil or repair our brakes. To make it a nuisance in this ordinance is completely ridiculous. It is time to remove the overreaching County Council members and replace them with ones that have a commitment to the residents of this county.
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Statement on Trinity Drive: I will vote to return Trinity Drive to four (4) lanes!



September 29, 2022: Los Alamos League of Women Voters Event
November 8, 2022: General Election

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Reggie Page for Los Alamos County Council is here to help voters understand where he stands on the issues. This page is here to also help provide a means of communication for voters to ask questions and request more information from Reggie.